Metaphysics Classes offered by
Speaker/Teacher who has authored books and
given lectures on the
Nature of Reality
throughout the United States. This Teacher is a
friend of Seth, Jane Roberts, and Robert Butts,  
and has appeared in some of the Seth books.
This Teacher
is a former Original Member of the
Seth-Jane Roberts-Robert Butts, E.S.P Class of
Elmira N.Y.
 Robert Butts has endorsed some of
the works of this Speaker/Teacher
. Seth had
high praise for this author's abilities and
understanding of The Inner Universe.

Classes based upon books by this one very
famous Speaker known as Seth, who has sold
over millions of books, such as
The Nature of
Personal Reality
, and Seth Speaks.  
Parents Against Legalizing Marijuana
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Reducing Racism, and
Self Defense through Self Awareness
 Lectures on the book:
The Intuitive Self
This presentation will show that these above tales, are just that...tales
from a darker side,and nothing more than hoaxes for the most part
based upon either greed or misinformation.
Lecture Series Topics
This lecture is offered by life-long Social Justice
Advocate and is based in part upon the precepts of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the book,
The Intuitive
, experience working in the Criminal Justice
System, and the lecture Self Defense through Self
The Dangers of  Marijuana
Have you been hearing how Marijuana is so "safe" for
everyone,and maybe safe medicine for everyone, maybe even for

Perhaps you have hearing about "Social Justice" and how there
is " mass incarceration" in New York due to just a tiny amount of
marijuana found.

How about the story that "legalization" of Marijuana is just so
people can stay out of jail and for local control of production.

Do you believe the one where you may have been told that once
marijuana is "legal", it will stop there and there will be no drive to
legalize cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, LSD, magic
mushrooms, fentanyl.
 Seth(of Jane Roberts and Robert Butts Fame)
Find out what happened in Seth's original E.S.P. class in the 1970's. Find
out the newest predictions, from the Speakers, of which Seth is a part.
Find out what the Speakers have said about Donald Trump and how they
predicted his arrival and what they predict will happen to him.
The Inner Senses
The Intuitive Self, while a novel, is based upon a true story. The book shows
how the amazing power of intuitions (inner senses) can be. It is partly
substantiated by Governmental documents, including State Supreme Court,
Appellate Court, Law Enforcement and other documents.
Is legalizing*  all drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl, LSD,
Methamphetamines, Magic Mushrooms, the way to reduce racism?  Or would
that backfire and only substantially raise racial tensions and create a greater
racial divide?
There do exist better and more effective ways to reduce racism discussed in
this presentation.
* Legalization is really a code word for permitting
smoking and selling of any drug, anywhere, anytime
by anyone, to almost anyone and forcing towns and
cities to permit drug pushing in their towns and cities
against their will.
Who won the 2016 Election?
A simplified approach to proving who won the 2016 Election.
Simple probability rules used in DNA analysis shows the way. You
decide who won, and if the voter tallies were altered.
Love is the basis of ALL Realities
Professional Tutoring by State Certified
Teacher and former University Faculty
High School and University Courses in: Chemistry, Physics, Statistics,
Probability, Mathematics,History, Global Studies, Philosophy, Logic, SAT,
Also Tutoring in the concepts set forth by