There is a paradigm shift consciousness in the offing. The
mainline consciousness of the planet has more recently involved
itself with a lack of empathy for the fellow humans sharing the
planet. We are witnessing our political leaders engage moral
outrage after moral outrage, and the world gets used to it, and is
complacent. Sometimes our leaders try to justify their actions by
urging people to be greedy. Sometimes our political leaders
endeavor to fill our breathable air, and the air of our children with
toxins and pollution and may even mistake their actions as an act
of “social justice”. Greed or the love of money has trumped
empathy for fellow human beings. We are now seeing the
unfortunate consequences of such a turn of events. Continuing
on in this way can only bring further disaster as we see the
effects of a lack of Brotherhood and friendly cooperation, manifest
itself in the climate change of the planet and in ever increasing
natural and unnatural disasters. We don’t treat our fellow humans
right and we don’t treat the earth right either. Such prolonged
and serious disasters can only have a very bad ending for the
planet, if allowed to continue for much longer.
Fortunately, a new consciousness for the planet is starting to
emerge and once becoming dominant can alter the deleterious
course humanity has taken. The purpose of this book is to
highlight and to quicken this new consciousness or spiritual

The Intuitive Self
Return to the Inner Universe
                     A Design for Equality
People can also have their own design for Equality. Some people mistakenly believe that
laws alone make create equality. The laws can help, but unless there is a change in
consciousness, laws may have little effect. A consciousness that believes strongly in
equality, with a combination of aligned laws, will be most ideal.
For example, for that small number of judges, prosecutors, and police that chooses to use
their position to advance racial injustice, laws may easily be ignored. I discovered this to be
the case for many years when I took on those in authority who were not quite as interested
in social justice as I was. With no legal training whatsoever and meager resources, I
sometimes I won in court and sometimes not. I was able to initiate the implementation of
consumer protection laws by myself. I was able to convince a judge to make certain public
buildings smoke free…long before anti-smoking laws were launched. I am not
recommending that anyone do what I did, however, the extreme use of the Inner Senses
from out of body or trance states can level playing fields where the conventional wisdom
was that only big money and corruption could win the day.
So, is legalizing, commercializing any drug, no matter how dangerous the way to social
justice? Is the removal of even small fines the way to social justice for those intent for
forcing others to inhale second and third hand smoke or vapor of any kind the way to social
( to the book, The Intuitive Self)
The foregoing argument is most unlikely for one reason: to force someone, especially
children, toddlers, pregnant women and those with respiratory problems to inhale toxic
smoke or vapor is a strong symbol of hate. Hate will never drive out hate…only Love can do
that or what has been repeated by the great Dr. Martin Luther King. Racism is sustained and
fueled by Hate. By adding Hate to the world, one is almost guaranteed to be confronted
somewhere by racism.
Another saying reportedly repeated by Dr. King was that Darkness will not drive out
Darkness, but only Light can do that. One can interpret that as Truth will drive out
Falsehoods, not more Falsehoods.  Those who insist that racially motivated mass
incarcerations and racially motivated arrests are caused by the small fines on Marijuana.
The data is far from sufficient to show racism was involved at all nor is there anything like
mass incarceration or even mass arrests from small fines. As said before, governmental
officials might do something like that without being racist, if they chose. Certainly, racism
could motivate them more. However, as also said, the answer to racism and its cause…is
more Love in the world and a demonstration by each person of their humanity toward each

                                             A Design for Peace
People can have their own Design for Peace. Any good Design for
Peace should include an overall higher purpose to life and a
conviction in your own self worth and that of the rest of humanity. It
almost certainly must include the use of the Inner Senses to
recognize your Higher Self and the value of yourself and others,
and to sense you connection to Physical Reality.
It has been postulated that one should love their neighbor as
themselves. However, how do you love your neighbor, if you don’t
love yourself? Part of the answer to this is using the Inner Senses
to understand your place within your Higher Self, the Universe and
your true connections the rest of humanity. The Power of Love is
stronger and better than the ill fated lust for power over people--
which is a trap.
The Inner Senses can be used to discover your higher purpose in
life. Without a strong bond to your higher life purpose, unfortunate
results can occur.
It has been said that those seeking peace, will inherit the Earth.
This makes much sense as those who believe only war can achieve
their ends, will not endure. However, once again the Inner Senses
are needed here to sense what is possible and what is not probable
in seeking peace by peaceable means. A willingness to
empathetically educate others about peace and equality, will be
most helpful here.
The spiritual awakening should include a Design for Peace and a Design
for Equality. Such designs allow for every interested person, to participate
and bring about this spiritual awakening. These designs can also be
hastened themselves by the understanding and use of the Inner Senses
(often called Intuition). The Inner Senses can be used to understand
yourself and other people much better. This can only promote empathy and
greater positive affirmations for yourself and others. There has been peace
on Earth, but never heretofore, peace and equality as well.
Anyone can improve their ability to use the Inner Senses for this purpose
and specific and detailed methods will offered in this series of books. In
this book, we will see examples, and extreme use of the Inner Senses by
use of Trances and Out of Body experiences. This will be shown in public
documents such as Supreme Court and Appellate Division documents.
Just as it took time to create the negative results of the planet, the methods
will involve effort and will usually take time to see the positive results.
Moreover, looking for the negative results, will most likely show only the
negative results and nothing positive. Once must look for the positive