Metaphysics Classes:
Metaphysics Classes offered by Speaker/Teacher
who has authored books and given lectures on
Nature of Reality throughout the United
States. This State CertifiedTeacher, and former
University Faculty Member, is a friend of Seth,
Jane Roberts, and Robert Butts,  and has
appeared in some of the Seth books. This Teacher
is a former Original Member of the Seth-Jane
Roberts-Robert Butts, E.S.P Class of Elmira N.Y.  
Robert Butts has endorsed some of the works of
this Speaker/Teacher. Seth had high praise for
this author's abilities and understanding of The
Inner Universe.
Classes based upon author's own books and
books by this one very famous Speaker known as
Seth, who has sold over millions of books, such
The Nature of Personal Reality, and Seth Speaks.  
Reducing Racism, and
Self Defense through Self Awareness
Lecture Series Topics
This lecture is offered by life-long Social Justice
Advocate and is based in part, the book,
Intuitive Self, experience working in the Criminal
Justice System, and the lecture Self Defense through
Self Awareness and in part upon the precepts voiced
by the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Similar public
lectures were commenced shortly after Dr. King's
untimely death.
Find out what happened in Seth's original E.S.P.
class in the 1970's. Find out the newest predictions,
from the Speakers, of which Seth is a part. Find out
what the Speakers have said about Donald Trump
and how they predicted his arrival and what they
predict will happen to him. concerning his business
The Inner Senses
The Intuitive Self, while a novel, it is based
upon a true story. The book shows the
amazing power of intuitions (Inner Senses).  
The book is partly substantiated and
evidenced by Governmental documents,
including State Supreme Court, Appellate
Court, Law Enforcement and other documents.
Can legalizing and commercializing all drugs such as
Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl, LSD, Methamphetamines,
Magic Mushrooms, Ecstasy, and other dangerous
drugs be the method to reduce racism and right
wrongs from the past? Can weakening  the laws that
prevent children from exposure to the smoke of such
dangerous drugs, the way to reduce racism, and
again right wrongs from the past?  Or would that
backfire and only substantially promote racial
tensions and create a greater racial divide and create
more hatred.
Do there exist better and more effective ways to
reduce racism? This is discussed in this presentation.
Love is the basis of ALL Realities
This lecture series is by the author of: The Intuitive
Self. The Inner Senses can be used to discover who
you are and your true nature and who other people
are and their true nature...this is true spirituality. This
lecture series is part of the Spiritual Re-Awakening
True Social Justice
Can true social justice be achieved by completely peaceful
means? Methods will shown by life long social justice advocate
that each person can aid in achieving social justice through
peaceful cooperation.
A Design For Peace  and a Design for
Equality explained.Optionally, the lecture series will show
methods that the Federal government or any state government
can utilize to create massive numbers of meaningful paying jobs,
save Social Security and Medicare. It is as simple as
The Intuitive Self
Seth(of Jane Roberts and Robert Butts Fame)
Palm (Parents Against Legalizing Marijuana)